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100/S200A-WA-B 100/S200A-WA-D 100/S200A-WA-F 100/S200A-WA-A 100/S200A-WA-E


Model Number S200A-WA

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Fill the room with high quality sound with a pair of S200 speakers! Designed with old school aesthetics in mind, these active 2.0 bookshelf speakers bring character and modern flair to your turntable set-up. Each speaker houses a 4" woofer along with a 1" soft domed tweeter, driven by a 50 watt amplifier to crank out full, powerful stereo sound. This speaker duo has endless connection possibilities: optical input, 2 auxiliary inputs, USB, and a built-in Bluetooth receiver just in case you want to give your records a break and stream your albums digitally. No matter how you choose to connect, the versatile S200 speakers are ready to go with easy plug-in-and-play setup.

6.00" W x 7.00" D x 9.65" H

2.0 Active Stereo Speakers

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

50 Watt Amplifier

4" Woofer

1” Soft Dome Tweeter

2 x Aux Input

Optical Input

The attraction is only natural.