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Model Number CR3501A-NA

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The rumours are true: Crosley’s Fleetwood CD Player with FM Radio is here and it’s not a mirage!  Inspired by 1970’s rock music, we juxtaposed rich wood grain with brushed aluminium to create a modern silhouette that would look just as good on a dorm room night stand as it would on an office desk at the law firm.  This little wonder features built-in stereo speakers with sleek aluminum speaker grills that will leave you hypnotized if you don’t stop. Pop in a CD (because we know you still have a collection), tune into the FM radio or go your own way with the built-in Bluetooth receiver to stream the digital music of your dreams.   Tweak the sound to your liking with the built-in equalizer and then play on. There’s love in store thanks to additional features such as a digital clock, sleep mode, programmable channels and even a remote control.  Heroes are hard to find so stop messing around and pick up this little songbird today!

14.17" W x 9.13" D x 4.53" H

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

FM Radio

CD Player

Built-in Full-Range Stereo Speakers

Sleep Timer

Digital Clock

Digital Tuner

Remote Control

RCA Output

The attraction is only natural.