Crosley Makes World's Only Vinyl Jukebox

Crosley Radio Announces Purchase Availability of World’s Only Vinyl Jukebox

Culmination of years of research and development, the Vinyl Rocket Jukebox is now available on for $12,995

(Louisville, KY - August 7, 2017) Crosley Radio, a leading audio brand since launching its first radio in the 1920s, today announces the purchase availability of the one-of-a-kind Vinyl Rocket Jukebox. Previewed at CES 2017, the Vinyl Rocket received widespread attention for being the only vinyl jukebox being manufactured anywhere in the world.

The Vinyl Rocket’s unique rotating vinyl mechanism can hold up to 70 7” records, capable of playing both A and B sides, increasing the selection to 140. The jukebox features a revolving title rack allowing the user to easily select their track of choice, which is further simplified by the label magic software enabling creation of labels each time a vinyl record is added to the machine.

“The Vinyl Rocket was created with the most devoted audiophile and collector in mind,” said CEO, Bo LeMastus. “Each jukebox is a handmade work of art, featuring a solid wood body with chrome accents and extreme attention to detail. It’s the first production vinyl jukebox to be manufactured in over 25 years, and its commercial quality will provide vinyl lovers with entertainment for decades to come.”

A Bluetooth receiver incorporated into the jukebox enables users to stream digital music from any compatible device, and auxiliary outputs make it easy to connect to additional speakers. Further enhancing the superior sound quality of the Vinyl Rocket, technical specifications include a D4 digital amplifier with two independent stereo channel outputs (60W RMS per channel), a five way built-in speaker system, and 2 x mid / 2 x tweeter and 1 x 12" Twin cone bass speaker.

The jukebox can be set to coin operated mode or a free mode, making it a must-have for both personal or commercial use. Additional features include microphone input and a remote control, which allows users to select records, shuffle play, control aux input, adjust volume and reject records. Each machine is hand built to the highest standard in the United Kingdom and individually numbered.

The Vinyl Rocket Jukebox is now available on for $12,995. For more information, or to order a Crosley Rocket Vinyl Jukebox, please visit


About Crosley Radio:

At the front lines of the Vinyl Revolution, Crosley Radio has its roots deeply seeded in history and its eyes turned toward the future. From its revolutionary line of turntables built to bring the love of analog music to a new generation, to its new series of high fidelity units with the discerning listener in mind, Crosley Radio seeks to bring new life to a classic medium. In turntables, jukeboxes, radios, and all things vintage-inspired audio, count on Crosley to take you there.

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