Crosley hits the road with the Crosley Cruiser mobile record store

(Louisville, KY) After sitting on the news for almost six months, we’re super excited to announce the Crosley Cruiser! The Crosley Cruiser is a 20ft box truck that we’ve spent the last six months completely overhauling into the ultimate spinning record store. And by overhaul, we really we thought out of the box (truck.) 

Walk through the back glass door into our air-conditioned oasis of sound, and chill in our music lounge. There’ll be space to charge your phone, a big TV playing any number of classic clips, and three turntable listening stations. Even better, we’ll have one of our sexy Rocket Jukeboxes blasting music inside and out. Flip through our records, hang with your friends, and soak up the good vibes. When you’re ready to go back into the fray, hop down through the side door.

What exactly possessed us to give a giant truck a makeover? Well, here at Crosley, we love music and music festivals. Over the last few years, the barometer on music festivals have been flying off the charts. We wanted to create a nice, cool place to chill in all of the craziness, an experience we would want to find at our favorite haunts. When vinyl genius Jack White made his Rolling Record Store, we knew we wanted our own space!

So, six months and a lot of sweating later, we’re happy to announce that the Crosley Cruiser is on the road! Not only are we a champion for analog music, we’re also an ambassador for our home city of Louisville, Kentucky. When we looked for art to make our truck really stand out in the face of colorful music festivals, we turned to local artist, Robbie Davis. Robbie’s collaborated with one of our favorite local breweries, Against the Grain, and we loved his raw, funky style. We wanted the art to reflect our home heritage, and the atmosphere of a summer music spot. If you look close, there’s shout-outs to Louisville culture all over. (The horse with the guitar is the most obvious, but look for the fried chicken bucket, the bourbon barrels, and baseball bats!) Our guys also took a day to coat the ceiling in hand-screenprinted, hand-numbered posters from Powerhouse Factories. (See if you can find your favorite up there!)

As if the truck itself isn’t cool enough to begin with, the open design means anyone can drop in. And by anyone, we mean anyone. With Crosley’s connections to the music industry, you never know who could drop by and do a signing, a podcast, or even a mini concert?!  So far we’ve got Abbey Road On The River in May, and Forecastle lined up in July, but we can see the Cruiser all over the place. At each stop, we’ll even have exclusive merch for each event! Pins, shirts, you name it. Soon we’ll have its schedule all set up so you can see when the Crosley Cruiser will be rolling near you!

We can’t wait to take it for a spin.  We can’t be more proud or more excited about our crazy truck idea, so we hope you’ll dig it too!

Want the Cruiser to take a stop at your gig? Rock your record store? Want to gaze at it adoringly? Drop a line to Jason Menard at

The attraction is only natural.