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Model Number CR1216A-BK

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The truly beautiful retro styled jukebox, hand built by dedicated craftsmen and women encapsulates the golden age of Rock’n’Roll. The hypnotic visible LP mechanism* and movement are housed in an unmistakeable 50s styled cabinet, and embellished with high quality chrome fittings. The jukebox holds 10 LPs, and both the full ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides can be played in the order selected. Watch how the beautifully designed and manufactured "arm" carefully selects the vinyl by the sides and flips it with care whilst delivering to the turntable. Once on the turntable, the accurately balanced tone arm delivers the joy of your favorite albums directly through the renowned D4 amplifier and out through the specially designed speaker cabinet. This stunning jukebox also features a built-in Bluetooth receiver to allow audio streaming from any compatible device.

30.75" W x 30.75" D x 55.50" H

10 x 12” vinyl record rotating jukebox mechanism. ( 20 selections - A/B sides )

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 60W RMS/Channel

Remote Control

Aux Input

Aux Output

Microphone Input

The attraction is only natural.