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Model Number CR1208A-OA

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The beautiful classic style of a bubbly vintage jukebox has never looked better-- or thinner. This modern music machine has all the futuristic features a jukebox could need, holding up to 80 CDs and powerful speakers, but keeping the tradition of hand-crafted, finished cabinetry. Pump up the volume and let the skinny Slimline pack full-bodied sound.

33.50" W x 21.25" D x 59.75" H

80 Disc Jukebox CD Mechanism

Percolating Bubble Tubes

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 60W RMS/Channel

2x Tweeter & 2x Mid-Range

1 x 12" Twin Cone Bass Speaker

Connections for up to 6 Speakers

80 Disc Rotating Display Rack

Shuffle Play

Aux Input

Aux Output

Remote Control

The attraction is only natural.