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Model Number CT201A-BK

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Ba-ba-ba-bass boost is just one cool new feature of the totally righteous Crosley CT201 Cassette Player. As the name suggests, flip the switch for bodacious bass and to get those double analog VU meters bouncing. There’s a digital level meter, too (just to be extra). This 80s-style boombox totally has other features, so take a chill pill. Play cassette tapes, listen to AM/FM radio or connect to Bluetooth and stream the digital music on your phone through the wicked speakers. You can even jam music from a USB thumb drive, SD card or auxiliary input. Schweet! Make adjustments to the volume, bass and treble with the shiny silver knobs on the top of the unit and flip through the functions using the adjacent switches. Pop in some of those giant old-school batteries, grab the handle and take this tape player on the go if you wanna be the raddest dude or dudet at the party! Needless to say, the Crosley CT201 Boombox is all about the bass, no treble.

16.70" W x 5.90" D x 9.60" H

Tape Deck

AM/FM Radio

Built-in Microphone

Record Function

AC or Battery Powered

Play Music From a Thumb Drive

Headphone Jack

SD Card Reader

Dual VU Meters

Bass Boost Feature

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

The attraction is only natural.