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100/CT200B-SI-W1.jpg 100/CT200B-SI-W2.jpg 100/CT200B-SI-W3.jpg 100/CT200B-SI-X1.jpg


Model Number CT200B-SI

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Tell CDs to eat your shorts and crank up some cassettes on the Crosley CT200! Throw in a mix tape and party hardy or chill out with your favorite public radio station. Have a hottie that you’re trying to impress? Make a cheesy mix tape of your own with a personal message at the beginning thanks to the built-in microphone. Score! Don’t have a cow, the CT200’s VU meter is no poser – it’s actually functional. Take the volume to the max, add some bodacious bass or totally fine tune the treble with the adjustment knobs at the top. Plug in the AC adapter for home listening or pop in some of those huge batteries, make your hair extra big and take it on the go, dude! Analog is cool and all, but you can also stream your digital music through this cassette player thanks to the built-in Bluetooth receiver. Score!

13.50" W x 3.50" D x 8.50" H

Tape Deck

AM/FM Radio

Cassette Auto Stop

AC or Battery Powered

VU Meter

Built-in Microphone

Treble/Bass Dials

Extendable Antenna

Headphone Jack

Record Function

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

The attraction is only natural.