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100/CT100B-SI-W1.jpg 100/CT100B-SI-W2.jpg 100/CT100B-SI-W3.jpg 100/CT100B-SI-X1.jpg


Model Number CT100B-SI

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It’s no duh that the 80s were like totally rad, so we’re bringing back the cassette for the dudes and dudettes with the Crosley CT100. Making a mix tape for your bae has never been easier thanks to the ability to play music from a thumb drive, SD card, four different radio bands. Heck yeah, technology! Who knows… with the two short wave radio bands, you may even pick up your neighbor messing around with his ham radio. You can even hit record and talk or sing into the built–in microphone for an extra personal touch. Plug in the unit for home/office listening or throw in some of those huge batteries, slide into your acid wash jeans, jump into your t–top Camaro and take it on the go. Analog is cool and all, but you can also stream your digital music through the CT100 thanks to its built-in Bluetooth receiver.

12.00" W x 3.50" D x 7.50" H

Tape Deck

AM/FM Radio

Cassette Auto Stop

Built-in Microphone

Record Function

AC or Battery Powered

Two Short Wave Radio Bands

Play Music From a Thumb Drive

Headphone Jack

SD Card Reader

Built-in Bluetooth Receiver

The attraction is only natural.