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Say hello to Nashville songwriter, Kristina Murray, the first artist to participate in the Crosley Vinyl Artist Program launched in 2018!  The authentic country voice that beckons Murray’s fans to her shows is richly captured with live acoustic styling and full band arrangements on her first vinyl, second full length album, Southern Ambrosia. Released September 2018, Murray’s Southern Ambrosia has garnered national and international praise from such publications as Rolling Stone, American Songwriter and No Depression for being a soundtrack that is “part classic country and part Southern rock, meting out simple melodies, Southern imagery and frank stories without fuss” says the Nashville Scene. Photo: The thrill of vinyl, heard for the first time, when Kristina Murray auditioned her test pressings at Crosley Headquarters.


“I couldn’t be more honored to be invited to be a part of the Crosley Vinyl Artist Program. I feel that my new album is really special.” As a songwriter, Marcus channels the power and intricacy of the natural and human world which he freely expresses through inspired lyrics and the harmonic interplay of his voice and the tapestry of sounds evoked from his custom McAlister guitar. By performing his signature music in intimate venues throughout the United States and Europe, Marcus has built a family-like connection to a dedicated audience on both sides of the Atlantic. “This record is for all of the extraordinary people I have met along the way. Having never pressed to vinyl, this is a dream come true. Crosley is opening up a really amazing opportunity for independent artists to showcase their talents and to connect with our fan base through the resurgence of vinyl. I can’t wait to experience my very first album on vinyl along with everyone!” Marcus Eaton’s new, untitled album is set to release Spring 2019. 


Nashville based songwriter, Laura Mae Socks, writes songs that reflect the sparse landscape of the rural prairie in Southwest Louisiana where she once called home. Often described as haunting, due to her lilting vocal style, she plays songs reminiscent of a bygone era of country music. Laura Mae expresses her roots when she pays homage to the old-style country standards she learned from her mother, a country singer. Laura Mae grew up with a jukebox in the basement and since the age of 14 has anticipated the day of publishing an album of her original songs. Releasing her debut album on vinyl in Spring 2019 brings the lifelong project full circle. A limited production color vinyl edition is in the works for the fans that supported Laura Mae in the making of this record! Here, Laura Mae punches up some tunes on a Crosley vinyl jukebox.


The Crosley Vinyl Artist Program is committed to provide support to select aspiring artists who want to make that unique connection, as only vinyl can, between artist and audience. If you’re an artist with original material and you’re actively performing and promoting the sale of your music, the Crosley Vinyl Artist Program has been created for you. If you want the opportunity to have Crosley as a supportive partner to assist with “merch” marketing and to press your music to vinyl, please fill out the following Contact Form, and send CD, with original artwork, to Crosley Brands, Attn: Crosley Artist, 35 Kingbrook Pkwy., Simpsonville, Kentucky 40067.

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