Keepsake Deluxe

Model Number CR6250A-BK

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Take the portability and charm of Crosley's suitcase-style turntable, combine it with high-end features and stellar performance, and bam! You've got the Keepsake Deluxe. Powerful but easy-to-use, this awesome turntable offers a built-in pre-amp or the chance to use your own, a sharp Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge carried by a slick S-shaped tonearm. Adjustable counterweights and pitch control will keep music in line and the needle on point. All of this, neatly stashed in a beautiful vintage-inspired package.

Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism

Plays 2 Speeds - 33 1/3 And 45 RPM Records

S-Shaped Tonearm with Integrated Headshell

User - Replaceable Phono Cartridge for a Customized Listening Experience

Includes a Pre-Mounted Audio Technica Phono Cartridge

Diamond Stylus Needle

RCA Analog Output is Switchable to PHONO or LINE Out (RCA Cable Included)

Adjustable Pitch Control

Built-in Strobe Indicator Lamp for Speed Accuracy Verification

Adjustable Tone Arm Weight

Anti - Skate Adjustment

Auxiliary Input

Headphone Jack

Adjustable Tone Control

Adjustable Volume Control

Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers


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