C6 Louisville Orchestra Turntable

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On September 29, 2018, with the release of the limited edition vinyl of “ALL IN”, The Louisville Orchestra and Crosley Brands have collaborated to realize the dream of Conductor, Teddy Abrams, to revive the Louisville Orchestra’s historic legacy of releasing new music recordings on the revered vinyl LP format.

The Louisville Orchestra's history, paralleling the mid-century rise of American orchestras, was built on a combination of vinyl, innovation, and vision. The dozens of vinyl records that were produced by this Orchestra in the 20th Century represent one of the great American success stories - a small orchestra from a town best known at the time for horses and bourbon created one of the most adventurous and ambitious musical commissioning and recording programs this nation has seen. Thinking about the history of the orchestra I now conduct is humbling and overwhelming, and as I held a test pressing of this new album in my hands I was overcome with love and appreciation for the musicians and music lovers that made this great story possible. The Louisville Orchestra of the 21st Century is honored to continue this story by sharing our music - returning again to the beautiful, tangible vinyl medium - with generations to come. We extend our gratitude to our Louisville neighbors at Crosley for making this possible!
– Teddy Abrams, Conductor, Louisville Orchestra

To commemorate the September 29, 2018 release of ALL IN as a special limited edition Vinyl LP and to celebrate the beginning of a partnership with the Louisville Orchestra, Crosley has designed a Louisville Orchestra Signature turntable.

The Crosley C6 is a fully manual two-speed turntable created to give music fans a true analog experience. An audio-grade MDF plinth is wrapped in veneer to suit your style, and since weight helps keep vibration at bay, a heavy steel platter provides a solid seat for your vinyl during play. Housed underneath the platter, a low vibration synchronous motor connected via belt spins records at both 33 1/3 and 45 RPMs - simply move the belt from one groove to another to change speeds. Dial in the tracking force with the adjustable tonearm counterweight and then use the cueing lever to gently drop the needle on the record to fill the room with the warm sound of vinyl. The C6 comes with a moving magnet cartridge preinstalled, but uses a standard mount so you can upgrade as your vinyl collection grows. Connect speakers or your receiver to the RCA outputs on the back, flip on the built-in preamp (or use your own) and you’re ready to jam.

Audio Grade MDF Plinth

Plays 2 Speed Turntables

Low vibration synchronous motor

Manual Return Tone Arm

Belt Driven

Adjustable Tone Arm Weight

Audio Technica Cartridge

User - Replaceable Phono Cartridge for a Customized Listening Experience

Special turntable feet for effective vibration control

Clear Dustcover

The attraction is only natural.

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