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How can I get the cassette to play?

Make sure the function select is set to cassette mode. Check to be certain the cassette is loaded in the proper orientation.

If there is no reception, how can I get it?

Adjust the antenna on the back of the unit this will reduce the interference. Also try to move the unit to a different part of the room.

How do I receive a product manual if it was not in the box?

Manuals are available for download at If a manual is not available online, contact Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY for assistance.

Where is the product warranty information?

The product warranty information is located on the back page of the instruction manual.

If a part breaks, can it be reasonably replaced after the warranty expires?

Yes. Please contact Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY for assistance on replacement parts.

Where are Crosley Radio products manufactured?

Crosley Radio products are manufactured in China.

I am not getting any reception on my tuner

Try moving the unit within your house so it can be closer to a window. Also try adjusting the wire ariel antenna. If this does not help, contact our Crosley Technical Support team at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539).

I do not like the item that I purchased. Can I get a refund from you or exchange it for a different model?

Crosley can only refund items purchased directly through us. We also can not exchange an item for a different model. If you need a refund, contact the retailer from whom you purchased the item.

I have lost my power adapter, what do I do now?

To order a replacement AC Adaptor, contact our Crosley Technical Support department at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539).

Can I connect external speakers to this unit?

Many of our models have outputs that allow you to connect speakers using either RCA jacks or a 3.5mm PAR connector. Please note, though, that the output level on those connectors is a line level 5 watts. In order to power large speakers, you will need to use an external amplifier.

Where is the warranty information?

Please look at the last page of your owner's manual.

I have a broken or damaged part, who should I contact?

Please call Crosley Technical Support at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539)

If a product is discontinued, do you still offer tech support?

In many cases we do, however, there may be situations where we are no longer able to repair or replace a discontinued unit. For additional information, contact Crosley Technical Support at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539).

I did not get an instruction manual, can I get one?

We can either email you an instruction manual or mail you one. Simply call Crosley Technical Support at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539).

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