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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the hardware?

The hardware is located in the bag with the instruction manual.

How do I receive the hardware if it is not included?

Call Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY(276-7539) for assistance.

Why won't the dividers fit?

Call Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY for assistance.

Is there assembly required?

Yes, there is light assembly required.

Does the ST75 have a rack inside to hold the records vertically?

No, there are no dividers in this stand.

How do I receive a product manual if it was not in the box?

Manuals are available for download at If a manual is not available online, contact Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY for assistance.

Where is the product warranty information?

The product warranty information is located on the back page of the instruction manual.

If a part breaks, can it be reasonably replaced after the warranty expires?

Yes. Please contact Crosley Radio at 1-866-CROSLEY for assistance on replacement parts.

Where are Crosley Radio products manufactured?

Crosley Radio products are manufactured in China.

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