Crosley X Fossil

Crosley X Fossil

April 10, 2019 | Products

Listen up!  Fossil and Crosley proudly partnered to release vintage-inspired accessories that will bring music to your ears and wrists

Borrowing details from both vinyl records and Crosley's iconic turntables, this limited-edition watch features a grooved dial with tone-arm style hands and a spinning disc second hand.  The limited edition three-hand timepiece comes in two sizes - 42mm case and 36mm case.  Each watch is numbered and packaged in an exclusive Crosley X Fossil tin. 

*Only 500 of each watch size were produced  


To further express both brands' love for great music and vintage design, we collaborated on a limited edition record player, complete with Bluetooth speakers, whimsical graphics and two-tone metal details that match the watch and tin. 

*Only 1000 turntables were produced 


For more info and to purchase the Crosley X Fossil watches or turntables, check out Fossil's boutique page!

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Jason Lee Menard

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