Music Monday - Beach House - Depression Cherry

Music Monday - Beach House - Depression Cherry

May 02, 2016 | Music

Hello, Monday! It's the first Monday in May, and I'm still shaking the flowers out of my hair from Mayday. It's only appropriate then that today I'm listening to Beach House's dreamy 2015 album, Depression Cherry.

Following 2012's Bloom, and before Thank Your Lucky Stars, also from 2015, Depression Cherry is not really an anomaly in Beach House's discography as much as it is an exploration. Bloom had a few tracks that had strains of synthesizers and trance underpinnings, but was still overall a pop album. Depression Cherry is more of a soundtrack, and carries the bearing of an orchestral composition.

Other than the long tracks, which aren't meant to be chopped into bite-size radio clips, the album builds up to a slow burn of mystical droning notes and lilting vocals. The songs don't feel different exactly, more like a flow from one plane of thought to another, nothing jarring enough to jerk you out of the haze.

Physically it's fun to note that the vinyl cover is flocked; So it's fuzzy to touch. That feels appropriate, too. Everything in Depression Cherry feels soft, feels sad, feels sweet. It truly lives up to its name, wrapping melancholy in a candy coating. 

Our hope will rule
These days of candy
Live in your mind
Those violet lights
Wide, fenced and wise

~ "Days of Candy"

Depression Cherry is the soundtrack of solace. It's the kind of comforting numbness someone can listen to after heartbreak that feels like a warm bath on the brain. That's really what Beach House does best: harnessing the feeling of nostalgia and heartache with lyrics that feel bizarrely light for the heavy subject. It feels almost shallow until Beach House really hammers you between the eyes.

Tender is the night
For a broken heart
Who will dry your eyes
When it falls apart?

~ "Space Song"

So, the verdict? Well, in my eyes Beach House can do no wrong... but you have to be in the right mood. If you're sunny and cheerful and optimistic about your life right now... Maybe give Depression Cherry a miss and reach for Bloom or Count Your Lucky Stars. Or maybe Taylor Swift.

But, if you're nursing a wounded heart or embracing the cloudy day and foggy mind, put Depression Cherry on. It'll give your conscious sweet music.

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