Incorporate Your Favorite Bands Into Your Home Decor

Incorporate Your Favorite Bands Into Your Home Decor

September 14, 2016 | How To

Your home should showcase your style and your interests. Whether you’re a dedicated Phish-follower or a Yacht Rock-enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite bands into your home decor in a way that is sophisticated and compliments your overall home decor. Read on for three tips to bring a little rock-n-roll--or salsa, hip-hop, or we shudder to think, but to each his own, broadway--into your existing home decor seamlessly.

Start Simple By Highlighting Your Favorite Lyrics

Sure, you love a good beat or guitar solo, but for most of us, it’s the song’s lyrics that really win our hearts. Just like you may write down or hang up an inspirational quote to give you a motivational boost, you can accomplish the same effect by incorporating your favorite song lyrics into your home decor. This is also a great way to infuse your work space with some personality—as long as the lyrics are work appropriate! If you’re crafty or have some basic graphic design skills, you may be able to make your new piece of artwork yourself, but you can also check out sites like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy to find something that will express your love for a particular song or band and look great in your home.

Feeling a little unsure about what the future may bring? Well the Kinks famously sang, “This time tomorrow, where will we be? On a spaceship somewhere sailing across an empty sea?” Or maybe you need a little confidence and a reminder from Beyonce to slay all day!

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Remember the Road Trips and Memories With Commemorative Concert Posters

If you’ve spent your summers following your favorite bands, chances are, thinking of seeing Dave Matthews Band at Red Rocks is going to bring up a ton of crazy stories and fond memories for you. Maybe you didn’t get to see your favorite bands in concert, but you want to celebrate their history by displaying vintage posters. This works well for bands with a rich history like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, or The Beatles. Either way, an attractive frame transforms a concert poster from shabby dorm decor to a sophisticated way to show off your love of a particular band.

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If you’re more inclined to collect t-shirts from your favorite band’s shows, those can also be easily framed to create an attractive display and save you space in your dresser drawers.

Show Off Your Music Collection in a Way That’s Accessible

One of the best things about being a music lover is finding a kindred spirit who views your collection with as much enthusiasm as you, or maybe a music newbie who is eager to be exposed to new bands. If you hide your records away in crates, you’ll totally miss the opportunity to start a conversation about the music you love. Instead, keep your favorite albums front in center, devoting an entire bookshelf or table to show off your prized possessions. Keep your favorites in a prominent spot to showcase your personal style while also giving guests easy access to peruse your collection.

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