How to Create a Roommate-Approved Music Listening Room

How to Create a Roommate-Approved Music Listening Room

April 17, 2017 | How To

When it comes to sharing an apartment, house, or flat, you can only hope you’ll mesh well with your roommates. Whether they’re your best friends or total strangers, learning to live harmoniously with another person can take some adjustment. The good news? Music can bring your household together in one glorious jam session. Break the ice and use some these roommate-bonding home improvement tips to boost relaxation and create the ultimate music listening room.

Share Your Inspiration

Talk with your roommate about what makes your world spin—music. Share your favorite artists, your passion for listening or playing music, and your ideas for creating a recreational music space. Perhaps you’ll find that you share musical interests, or maybe you’ll learn about a genre of music you’ve yet to discover. Whatever your inspirations are, aim to draw from them to create your shared space.

Brainstorm some ideas for decor in your relaxation room. If you’re a hip-hop fanatic, you may lean toward modern furniture and urban decor. If you’re into jazz and classical, timeless hues and furniture will be right up your alley. When it comes to blending styles and inspiration, take a bit from each to create a cohesive design. An easy way to do this is to define your color palette before you even get started. Use an accent color to bring it all together.

Set Up Your Equipment

There are so many ways to listen to music. From portable tablets to streaming services, to Bluetooth® surround-sound speakers and classic record players, your options are expansive. Choose your favorite way to jam out and incorporate that into your space. Do the same for your roommate’s preferences.

The more ways you have to listen, the more flexibility you can enjoy. So if your roommate is a hardcore vinyl collector, opt for that classic style with a bit of your modern flair. Think about your aesthetics as harmonies, and you’ll find a style you can truly jam to.

Set Your Ambience

Music is all about having fun! Add eclectic accessories like a vintage guitar, neon sign, or a collage of concert ticket stubs. Complement your decor with bold accent colors to boost the happy vibes. If you’re going for a relaxing space, you’ll want to make sure your room is well organized. It’s especially important to avoid clutter if you’re sharing a smaller space, like an apartment. Crowded spaces can cause anxiety and stress, so having a place for everything will not only reduce those effects, but also ease your relationship with your roommates.

Incorporate mood lighting to mimic high-energy dance clubs or the soft lights of zen jazz lounges—whatever suits your style. Even lamps and string lights can go a long way to add energy and ambience. Display some of your favorite records, CDs, or artist portraits to remember how your love of music all began.

Most importantly, have fun planning your room. Old friends and new can bond over discovering new music, creating recreational spaces, and expressing their individual styles. Rock on.

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