Model Number AC1043A-NA

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Whether it’s having to occasionally reel in the tape with a number two pencil when it messes up, rewinding/fast forwarding a million times to find your favorite part of the track or hitting record at just the right second to make the perfect mixtape for your bae, we’re sure you’ll agree that there’s just something rad about cassettes. Luckily, Crosley feels the same way about nostalgic music formats and wants your growing collection to look just as good as the rest of your decor. This Crosley Cassette Crate holds 12 tapes and is constructed of solid wood. The crate is branded with the Crosley logo on one side, but is blank on the other just in case logos cramp your style. Better yet, it comes fully assembled, so nothing to screw with upon unboxing (see what we did there?). Crosley’s here to help organize your lo-fi love affair with tapes!

5.00" W x 9.75" D x 2.80" H

Wood Construction

Holds 12 Cassette Tapes

Branded Logo

The attraction is only natural.