Model Number AC1015B-NA

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We all love how it makes us feel when we thumb through our collection, find the perfect album for your #currentmood, pull the record out of the jacket, gently place it on your turntable and drop the needle on the vinyl. We all don’t love the feeling of having no place to put the album jacket while the record is playing. Well… thanks to this Crosley Record Stand, no more throwing the jacket on the floor for your #instacat to claw up. Made from a solid piece of wood (we mean solid), this album jacket stand accommodates single Lps and most double Lps. It’s sturdy and branded with #nowspinning on the front so your IG followers know exactly what album your listening to. Shout out to Crosley for helping you #amplifyyourstyle

13.00" W x 2.75" D x 2.00" H

Holds Single LP Jacket (and Most Double LPs)

Branded Logo

Wood Construction

The attraction is only natural.